La Casa de Papel season 5: the fan attacks the Professor!


One fan watched all five seasons of La Casa De Papel. Verdict: He thinks the Professor and his team are bad people.

To a disgruntled fan, the team of robbers and the Professor at La Casa De Papel are nothing short of heroic. He would like this series to come to an end!

We cannot satisfy everyone. The directors of the famous Spanish series La Casa De Papel know this. However, they were unaware of being struck by some viewers.

Indeed, all are delighted with the success of the robbers and the Professor. For the past five seasons, the team have been doing well. And this, whatever the operations.

But we have to believe that this annoys an Internet user. So a fan of La Casa De Papel can no longer see them always succeed. Amazing, isn’t it?

So this disgruntled fan would like the show to take a turn. Why not bring down the Professor and the other robbers? This is what he would like!

And for good reason, the latter thinks that the robbers and their leader (Álvaro Morte) are just bad people. Moreover, these characters idolized by thousands of people would not be heroic.

It would even be the opposite! So this disgruntled fan equates them to psychopaths. The reason ? They still inflict heavy collateral damage, physical or psychological, on hostages who have asked for nothing.


Thus, this disgruntled fan finally devotes an unprecedented hatred against the series La Casa De Papel. Although he looked at all the seasons in order to do this analysis.

According to him, no one should like to watch people who threaten others with a gun for hours. Besides, he argued his props.

According to him, the hostages of the series La Casa De Papel are often young. So they could develop post-traumatic stress disorder as they get older. Which is, of course, nothing wonderful.


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