La Casa de Papel season 5: release date, casting and latest news


After a 4th colorful season, La Casa de Papel is already preparing its comeback for season 5. Discover all the info!

The fans of La Casa de Papel have only one looking forward, see their favorite robbers make their comeback for season 5 . Release date, plot and latest news,

Once again, La Casa de Papel left no one indifferent. What a crazy season ! In the most total chaos, our team of robbers once again manages to regain control. She then gets rid of the bad Gandia, the head of security at the Bank of Spain.

But bad news! In the last scene of season 4, we see that Alica discovers the Professor’s secret hiding place . How will he get out of this face to face? Everything remains to be discovered!

To the dismay of fans of the series, Nairobi succumbed . Thank you Palermo … But rest assured! However, it is not likely to disappear. The writers of La Casa de Papel love making the dead speak! Besides, the Helsinki interpreter wants more than anything to have her appearance again.

As for the rest of the cast, they should all be there . There is also a good chance that Manila will reveal himself during this 5th season of La Casa de Papel . In any case, this is what the public hopes for. And for good reason ! The newcomer to the band has hardly been talked about for the moment.

To date, no release date has yet been announced. Besides, the filming of season 5 itself has not yet been. What a disappointment for fans of the series. However, some assumptions can still be made.

If we rely on the differences between the previous seasons of La Casa de Papel , the next season should not be released before the year 2021 . In fact, the global crisis we are facing may well complicate matters.


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