La Casa de Papel season 4: the ranking of episodes revealed


A classification of the episodes of season 4 of La Casa de Papel has just been revealed. Find out which fans are favorites

Appreciated or not, season 4 of Casa de Papel has once again been a hit. Released a few weeks ago on Netflix , this new part of the robbery of the Professor’s tape has not really been unanimous among fans. Despite everything, the IMDb has just drawn up a classification.

But what is it you tell us? Quite simply a classification which “classifies” the episodes, from the least to the best according to the fans . Because yes, as disappointing as it is, season 4 still has episodes “appreciated” by “aficionados”.

Know for example that episode 5 and 3 are the least appreciated by fans of Casa de Papel as relayed by Melty . This is the time when Denver and his father talk to Julia about the Professor to try to get her to join the band at the time of the first robbery. As for 3, this is the moment when Sergio and Marseille tries to rally the policeman to their cause. In order that it gives them information while being under the tent of the police.

Next comes Berlin’s wedding in episode 2 . It also marks the moment when Nairobi is ultimately saved by Tokyo and the rest of the team after taking a bullet. The 6th then, again concerns the one that melts Bogota. This one asks the Professor to make him a child.

But fans also know that this is the most complicated moment of Casa de Papel season 4 . Since she is killed by Gandia afterwards…

If some people were wondering where episode 1 was, you can be reassured. Indeed, in the rest of the ranking, it is indeed the moment when the one who is killed by Gandia is still between life and death. But also, it is the episode in which Sergio still thinks that Raquel is killed by the police. Followed by 4 , in which Gandia makes us understand that it is very dangerous.

Finally, to finish, if you have calculated correctly, only two episodes remain to be placed. Of course, it is 7 and 8 , marking the end of season 4 of Casa de Papel . Unsurprisingly, it is indeed these which appear at the head for the fans.

A logical fact, given that these episodes have no downtime and keep us going until the end. Especially since Sergio is robbed by Alicia at the very end of the season.

History to make us understand that the Casa de Papel will offer us a season 5 in the coming months. To summarize, the fan favorite episodes, in order, are: 5, 3, 2, 6, 1, 4, 7, 8.


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