La Casa de Papel season 4: Netflix invites you to say goodbye to Nairobi!


Since the beginning of civid-19, the use of Netflix has exploded! The opportunity to (re) see all seasons of La casa de Papel! The death of Nairobi has disappointed many fans!

Nairobi is one of the key characters in the famous series. So the relief from the fans was great when she survived. Indeed, she received a bullet in the lungs. But it won’t last…

Indeed, Tokyo was able to save Nairobi once, but not two! In the end, she died as a result of a bullet in the head, between the two eyes … Ultra violent, Nairobi’s death greatly disappointed La Casa de Papel fans!

Thus, she will no longer be part of the cast of the famous series! We still hope to see her in flashbacks in the coming seasons!

Nairobi was not originally scheduled for the cast of La Casa de Papel. But she is now one of the favorite characters of fans of the series. The different decisions of show runner Alex Pina surprise many …

Many angry fans of La Casa de Papel reacted! Indeed, they sent hateful messages to Netflix and the screenwriter. The video site therefore decided to react to comfort Internet users.

Netflix has therefore created Cia Bella Nairobi, a site dedicated to the memory of Nairobi. Thus, fans of the characters will be able to tell him to see him again until April 17. Internet users can post words, images, farewell videos.

The purpose of this initiative is to collect all the proofs of love for Nairobi. Then they want to create a huge fresco around the world. The latter will pay tribute to the character. An initiative that should touch Alba Flores, the actress who plays it!


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