La Casa de Papel season 4: all about José Manuel Poga (Gandia)


La Casa de Papel season 4: all about José Manuel Poga (Gandia). Season 4 of La Casa de Papel has arrived on Netflix. Discover everything you need to know about José Manuel Poga who plays Gandia!

Season 4 of La Casa de Papel has finally arrived on Netflix. Gandia, a new character has entered the series and we explain everything to you! Attention, the article contains spoilers!

Fans of La Casa de Papel have been waiting for season 4 for a year. And for good reason, the finale of last season left many questions. First, the fans met Sierra and she claims to be cruel.

Indeed, she made El Profesor believe that she killed Raquel and the game turned against him. Then, the police used Nairobi’s son to reach her and shoot her. So fans have been waiting for months to find out if she is still alive.

However, since this Friday, April 03, fans of La Casa de Papel can see season 4. They finally find their favorite robbers. However, it seems that the series has introduced completely new characters.

Among the new people, the fans were able to meet Gandia . The latter may well become the number one enemy of La Casa de Papel fans!

Indeed, Gandia is the head of security for the Bank of Spain in La Casa de Papel . He decided to take over operations against the robbers. And for good reason, the police do not seem to succeed in arresting the team of El Profesor. However, this new character is cruel.

In season 4, Gandia is ruthless and ready to kill Tokyo, Rio, Denver and Helskinki. It seems that the latter is even nastier than Alicia Sierra. And it is José Manuel Poga who plays this character!

José Manuel Poga is a 40-year-old Spanish actor. He is best known for having performed in numerous plays. In addition, this earned him the nickname of “clown” in the middle of the show.

However, he managed to get noticed as an actor thanks to his role in Grupo 7 , a thriller released in 2012. Since then, José Manuel Poga has played numerous roles in film and television.

The public could see him playing in El Nino released in 2014. Then, he also starred in A secret life , a Netflix film released in February. Finally, the actor admits that he did not watch La Casa de Papel before the casting.

“When I passed the casting, I had not seen anything of the series, but after having been chosen, I started to watch it and I finished it in only two weeks” he said in La Voz del Sud.


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