La Casa de Papel season 4: Focus on the 10 most ridiculous moments


La Casa de Papel season 4: focus on the 10 most ridiculous moments. Since April 3, fans of La Casa de Papel have had the right to a season 4. The fussy ones have noticed some inconsistencies …

The kick-off for season 4 of La Casa de Papel was last Friday. Aficionados of the series were able to find Tokyo, Nairobi, Rio and all the others for part 4. Some saw there some inconsistencies, even ridiculous moments .

La Casa de Papel arrived on the Netflix catalog at the end of last week. A season 4 in short, rich in twists and turns .

If the series is a phenomenal success, some have not failed to see inconsistencies . Even totally WTF and ridiculous moments.

This could therefore give rise to preposterous and not very credible situations on the screen. For the fussy, at least.

Because yes, season 4 of La Casa de Papel rather rained, for many . Despite the cliffhanger that has made more than one rage.

Our colleagues from PureBreak have listed the most ridiculous scenes. Here is therefore a zoom on the 10 moments when La Casa de Papel was planted in beauty .


Many have pointed to these scenes too big to be true . Starting with this paella party!

In part 4 of La Casa de Papel, El Profesor then negotiates with the authorities. He therefore demands that uniformed police bring Paella to the robbers and all the hostages! But that’s not all.

We also had the medical prowess of Tokyo … which alone succeeded in saving Nairobi by removing the most affected piece of lung from it.

Finally, remember that Tokyo and all the others had medical lessons with the Professor. But this one did not teach them to aim , because Gandia easily spins them between the legs …

Bad tongues will say that our robbers are doing like blueprints. Then, we are dealing with the vagaries of Palermo, which changes sides as well as shirts .

Or Arturo, this hostage known from season 1 of La Casa de Papel . In this season, he turns out to be a notorious pervert …!

As for Nairobi, many found his convalescent cart ridiculous… For a woman who has been shot in the chest, she seems to be playing it Fast & Furious …

What about the Berlin concert in the flashback scenes? Many denote, in addition to a kitsch side, an improbable scene: monks, intoning Ti Amo .

Many also did not like the drag game between Denver and Tokyo. Yes, Denver has charmed the heroine of La Casa de Papel by comparing it to a Maserati!

Others still did not appreciate that Nairobi asked the Professor to donate her gametes so that she could have a baby on her own … But even bigger, the escape plan from Lisbon.

Indeed, in “Plan Paris” , the last episode of La Casa de Papel, El Profesor organizes the rescue of Raquel. Drafted in less than two, she then arrived by military helicopter at the Bank of Spain!


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