La Casa de Papel: Rio will still be in danger in the series?


La Casa de Papel is slow to unveil its season 5. What will happen to our heroes and more particularly Rio, perhaps in the hot seat?

Rio’s fate in La Casa de Papel is it indeed sealed? The ex-companion from Tokyo is in great danger of suffering a dire fate. Unless things turn in her favor in Season 5. Either way, behind the scenes of the show seems to be predicting bad things about her.

No need to introduce yourself further to La Casa de Papel, is there? This Spanish show is one of Netflix’s biggest hits since its inception.

Indeed, the series was even almost abandoned, before the SVoD platform grabbed hold of it. The giant therefore saved the show, taking it to its climax.

We therefore had to deal with two new seasons produced by Netflix, to the delight of fans. Seasons 3 and 4 put viewers on a roller coaster ride.

Thus, a batch of characters passed the weapon on the left, and the twists and turns gave rise to many twists and turns. Enough to bring tears to our eyes, in short.

Anyway, this pleasure will be repeated with a 5th season for La Casa de Papel. Maybe the last one… Rio could be the next one to go there, who knows!

La Casa de Papel season 5: Rio will still be in danger in the series? 1


Everything suggests that the robbers of La Casa de Papel will still have a hard time. For her part, the Professor might well get by, with Alicia pointing a gun at her head.

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For their part, Tokyo and his team dealt with Gandia, the bank’s security chief, as well as the police. Once again, Rio could be in the crosshairs.

In any case, the spectators seem convinced that it is he who will be there in this season. This is because of a post from Miguel Herrán which seems to give quite a clue to his plight.

On one of his Instagram stories, we see him covered in mud, shirtless. In this selfie, he is rather nostalgic for the past.

As his choice of music, he opted for The End of The Doors, which for fans indicates the end of a cycle. Is he really teasing his departure from La Casa de Papel?

Rio’s death in the series could take a heavy toll on the characters. Especially for Tokyo, her ex, played by Ursula Corbero.

For the narrator of the story, therefore, this could greatly impact the future of her life. This might help to understand why she is the one telling us the story, if it turns out that she is the only survivor.

One theory is that she tells her story to the son of another of the heroines: Nairobi. It remains to be seen what the future will tell us. To be continued …


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