La Casa de Papel: NYX Launches Makeup Collection Inspired By The Series


La Casa de Papel: NYX, L’oréal’s North American subsidiary, announced this Monday (29) the official launch of the makeup set inspired by La Casa de Papel, bringing references about the characters, the production’s color palette and other narrative content in various cosmetic items.

According to the brand, the line inspired by Netflix’s Spanish series has two eyeshadow palettes, two enhancers, an ink liner, five eyeliner pencils, two lipsticks, a hand mirror mask in the shape of Dalí’s mask and a highlight brush on gold bar template. In addition, consumers will be able to purchase a kit that includes two eyeshadow palettes, a lipstick, a liquid eyeliner with paint and an illuminator.

The main highlight of the collection are the palettes, which come with dozens of different tones and influenced by the characteristics of the cast of La Casa de Papel. Nyx’s catalog offers sets in 32- and 9-color sizes, with each shade referring to an important term in the series, such as “Ciao Ciao Ciao”, “Aikido”, “Perfect Plan”, as well as the co-stars “Professor”, “Lisbon”, “Stockholm”, “Berlin”, “Rio” and the rest of those responsible for the berthing.

The lipsticks also pay homage to such striking figures as “Tokyo” — a bold classic red model — and “Nairobi” — a dark berry hue — and are designed in a gold bar format similar to those being stolen during the bank robbery. .