La Casa de Papel: Netflix paid a sum to save the drama!


According to the media Melty, Netflix would have paid a rather “funny” sum to save the Casa de Papel and give it the success that we know

Fans of La Casa de Papel are looking forward to Season 5. Indeed, it is a denouement and everyone will finally know what happens to Tokyo, Rio, or Denver. The fine team, locked in the Bank of Spain, surrounded by the armed forces of Spain. But while everyone is impatient with the idea of ​​what will happen, know that it might never have happened without Netflix.

Because yes, if Netflix had not landed a few years ago, the series would never have achieved the success that it is today. If some do not understand why, rest assured, we will explain everything to you.

At first, it seems good to remember that Casa de Papel is not a Netflix original series. This was previously broadcast on the Spanish channel Antena 3, as Melty recalls.

A bit like we could follow Plus Belle la Vie or Here Everything Begins on our national channels. Well believe it or not, viewers didn’t seem excited about the story of the robbers and would have gotten bored of it after 15 episodes!

Faced with this situation, Antena 3 therefore made the choice to resell the program to get rid of it and no longer put it on the air. This is when Netflix arrives and saves La Casa de Papel.


Because yes, the streaming platform, seeing the story very interesting and what it could get out of it, jumps at the opportunity to buy the series. Some perhaps think that millions were seen laying on the table to snatch such a treasure?

Nay! La Casa de Papel was being traded for a bite of bread. Indeed, Melty lets know that 2 dollars was enough to recover the whole. This resulted in a project with one of the biggest successes in history. Yes, you read correctly. 2 simple dollars thus saved the series.

Netflix would have just needed to double the texts. And to rename the name of the series for countries that do not speak a word of Spanish. The rest, you know it. La Casa de Papel became the world’s most watched non-English language series.

Like what, with 2 dollars, you can do great things.


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