La Casa de Papel: Miguel Herrán’s fortune is revealed!


La Casa de Papel is very successful. Indeed, its casting is causing a sensation. Moreover, the fortune of Miguel Herrán is then revealed.

The actors of La Casa de Papel are very famous. Moreover, the fortune of the handsome Miguel Herrán is then revealed.

For several months, La Casa de Papel has been shaking the web. Indeed, the final season should soon land on Netflix. Something to delight all fans of the series therefore.

Thus, Internet users are looking for the slightest information. It must be said that season 4 has kept them going for many months. Not easy then.

And for good reason, the last scene of La Casa de Papel season 4 is very mysterious. The professor then seems unmasked. Fans are therefore eager to see the sequel.

Moreover, they are trying to figure out what is going to happen. The hypotheses are therefore bursting.

It must be said that viewers seem very attached to the characters of La Casa de Papel. Indeed, the casting is really tailor-made.

Thus, the actors are more sexy than the others. On the Web, they therefore crack everyone.

And if there is one that stood out to many fans, it was Miguel Herrán. The handsome actor therefore seduces viewers.

With his natural charm and acting skills, the young man puts everyone in agreement. Today, his fortune holds no secrets.

La Casa de Papel: actor Miguel Herrán’s fortune finally revealed!


Once again, La Casa de Papel is talking about her. This time it’s star actor Miguel Herrán who takes center stage.

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The young man rose to prominence for his role as Dario in A Change for Nothing in 2015. But he has achieved great notoriety playing the character of Rio in La Casa de Papel and Christian in Elite.

In short, in a short time the Spanish actor won over many viewers. Thus, his talent is no longer to be proven. And for good reason, he won the Goya prize for best new actor in 2016. Not bad!

Between La Casa de Papel and Elite, the young man does not have a minute of his own. It is for this reason that his participation in Elite ended. So he couldn’t handle the two shoots at the same time.

In fact, Miguel Herrán would have made $ 1 million for his work in both series. Plus, he’s not going to stop there. He should soon appear in new films and series.

Beside, the actor is also an Insta star. Indeed, already has 13 million subscribers. Enough to make the older ones jealous then.

Favorite La Casa de Papel actor will be returning to Netflix in the series soon. But he could surprise everyone and participate in a new project. To be continued.


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