La Casa de Papel: Manila will play a very important role!


Season 5 of La Casa de Papel is long overdue. Information then begins to leak. Moreover, the role of Manila is revealed.

The new season of La Casa de Papel is long overdue. Fans can’t wait to see their favorite characters. In fact, one of them will stand out in Season 5. Manila will play an important role then.

For several months, the return of La Casa de Papel has intrigued a lot. Indeed, season 4 has kept them going for a long time. Eh yes !

At the end of this fourth part, the teacher is then unmasked. Pistol pointed at the forehead, the robbery pro thus brings the season to a close. This last scene then pushes the fans to come up with hypotheses.

Thus, fans of La Casa de Papel try to imagine the continuation of the scenario. And the least we can say is that Season 5 promises to be full of twists and turns. Not bad !

But do not panic. Some information then begins to leak on the Web. Something to delight the most curious fans then.

Moreover, it could be that a character very discreet until then will play an important role in the sequel to La Casa de Papel. Not bad !

Indeed, Manila will then play a major role in season 5 of La Casa de Papel.


Season 5 of La Casa de Papel will soon land on Netflix. And many surprises await viewers. Very cool !

Fans of the series therefore seem desperate to find the solution the robbers will find to escape the Bank of Spain.

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Thus, the latter then found a solution. Manila would then be the key. Interpreted by Belén Cuesta, this trans character should be talked about in La Casa de Papel.

Indeed, she then integrated the robbery as a hostage. The young woman therefore created a surprise. Not surprising !

Besides, very discreet until then, fans don’t know much about this new character. Known for her relationship with Moscow and Denver, netizens believe she will help the young boy’s character.

It must be said that Denver is heartbroken. After the death of his father and his arguments with his wife, he begins to lose his foothold in La Casa de Papel.

Manila could then help the flagship robber. It must be said that she seems to have a fiery personality. And for good reason, she didn’t hesitate to grab a pistol provided by Denver and point it at Arturo.

The sequel to La Casa de Papel is already shaping up to be explosive. Viewers are therefore not at the end of their surprise. Indeed, season 5 will then amaze them. To be continued.


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