La Casa de Papel: Itziar Ituño Tells How He Reacted At The End Of The Series; Look!


La Casa de Papel: One of the most anticipated series from Netflix arrived today (3) on the platform. The second part of season 5 of La Casa de Papel debuts its last part with 5 new episodes after leaving fans awestruck with the emotional ending of the first part. Now, everyone will be able to know the “happy ending” of the characters we’ve followed for years.

Since 2017, we have suffered and struggled with the story of a group of thieves, led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), who are preparing the robbery of the century at the Spanish Mint. Since the first season, a very important character for the plot has been Raquel Murillo, the detective responsible for negotiating the first robbery, and it is with great honor that TecMundo has the opportunity to disclose, firsthand, an exclusive interview with actress Itziar Ituño, who interprets the inspector.

Check out the full interview with Itziar Ituño, from La Casa de Papel:
(Video only has English subtitles)

Both the Spanish series and the character have matured in various ways and Itziar tells what she expected from an action series and how it was, in practice, to record everything over and over again. “I didn’t know how difficult it was to make an action movie. Sounds like a lot of fun, right? It looks like you’re going to get shot, it’s like playing war. But when you have to play war with the same scene for 3 weeks, you realize that doing a little scene like this takes work, and very physical work.” She also highlights the bruises that remained after the repetitions of several fight scenes.

Itziar explains how she felt knowing the series was ending after almost 5 years. She emphasizes how emotional everything she experienced during that time was. “It’s very exciting to say goodbye to your teammates and the entire team that ended up being part of your family, as you spend so many hours with them.” During the interview, she also explains how she felt about the death of characters very important to the plot.

The 5th season of the series La Casa de Papel has already made its debut in the Netflix catalog, which also has a backstage special.

Finally, it’s time to discover the Professor’s grand finale, Lisbon, River Denver, Stockholm and all the other characters from La Casa de Papel.

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