La Casa de Papel is among the overpriced series!


Some series are extremely successful on streaming platforms … Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, overpriced series?

We hear about them everywhere we go … Indeed, there remains a certain hegemony in the series landscape in France and even beyond. Netflix is ​​living proof of this, with two productions on the rise. Stranger Things and La Casa de Papel, are they part of these overpriced series?

No need to introduce you to Stranger Things, the fantastic Netflix series that almost everyone agreed in 2017. Just like La Casa de Papel, the first Spanish show with such success on the platform after all!

While some of you have bunged these two series, others can’t. Worse, they find that other shows are completely neglected in favor of these mastodons … The beard!

Indeed, good audiences do not necessarily mean that the series is the best of all, far from it. And that, anyway, is very subjective, isn’t it? All tastes are in nature.

According to a poll by OnBuy, La Casa de Papel and Stranger Things and many other series are among the most overpriced series of the decade. In short, enough to make fans jump …

The Netflix catalog is full of nuggets, each more brilliant than the last. This, to the delight of fans of series of all kinds.

La Casa de Papel and Stranger Things among the overpriced series!


However, when you ask someone “what is your favorite show” or “what is the last show you saw”, the same titles often come up. This, to the detriment of series considered better.

Why ? Quite simply because audiences are one of the main criteria for promoting a series on the platform. There is only to see La Casa de Papel, which comes out first.

However, according to 3,000 people surveyed by OnBuy, the 15 most featured series also represent the most overpriced programs. Like what Netflix has sold them more than reason.

Contrary to what one might think, the most oversold series according to the public is not the most popular. This is the Ozark series in pole position, despite its cast of choice.

One might have expected La Casa de Papel, sold by Netflix as THE urgently needed Spanish action series. It is also the must, the cream of the crop.

No wonder she comes immediately after Ozark and Stranger Things. When you know that the Spanish Heist series was supposed to end in season 2 and that the seasons follow one another, you understand that some are fed up.

The humor of Friends or even How I Met Your Mother does not take either. These two series are respectively 9th and 4th in the ranking of the most overpriced series. Never mind !


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