La Casa de Papel: Has Tatiana cheated on Berlin in past?


According to our colleagues at Melty, there would be a good chance that Berlin was cheated on by Tatiana in season 5 of Casa de Papel.

While he seemed madly in love with her in the past, Berlin seems to no longer believe in love in the previous seasons of Casa de Papel. This meant that Tatiana would have hurt him. And that he has a really bad experience of his past relationship? Perhaps

Because yes, since season 2, Sergio’s brother has only appeared in flashback form. You know he lost his life in the first season and that is why he is making his comeback through memories.

And La Casa de Papel fans could see that before he became a sociopath who could kill anyone, there was indeed a heart in Berlin’s chest. A heart capable of loving and giving everything for its dear and tender one.

So why did everything change in his mind? And most importantly, why did his relationship with his muse end? Our colleagues at Melty were just asking themselves the question and have just made a few hypotheses.

But before we let you know, maybe we should also talk about the crazy rumors linking Tatiana to Alicia? Indeed, some fans of the show think it is the same person. The tyrant of the Police would therefore be the ex of Berlin.

Although a few traits come together, the two are still very different in the Casa de Papel.

La Casa de Papel season 5: has Tatiana cheated on Berlin in the past?


We will therefore have to wait for the release of season 5 to have more answers on this plot. A plot to which we should have some clarification thanks to Patrick Criado. Indeed, the actor will be part of the final season.

Moreover, a cliché was leaking on the Web as relayed by Melty. A still from the set of Casa de Papel, in which he appeared alongside Pedro Alonso who is none other than Berlin. The fans, seeing the said photo, immediately thought of a father-son relationship.

Also, on Insta, the actor was talking about this relationship in the present tense. Enough to give some hope and let us hope that Berlin would still be alive! Although this hypothesis remains very far-fetched.

On the other hand, if Sergio’s brother’s “son” appears, it wouldn’t be to bring good news. Still according to Melty, he would come to tell his “father” some bad news about Tatiana.

This would explain the relationship Berlin has with love in general. Other fans believe that Patrick Criado might even come and tell his father that he is not his son. As a result, we could understand the sudden change in behavior even better.

The La Casa de Papel actor looks cheerful and peaceful in the flashbacks, while in the present day on the show he’s going totally crazy.