La Casa de Papel: Enrique Arce announced he was heavy!


If the 4th part of the Spanish series La Casa de Papel left us without our hunger, Arturo promises us THEN the apotheosis for the end!

It can be said that the Casa de Papel has attracted fans from all over the world. However, it was originally just a Spanish series, which almost got shorted!

Yep, audiences weren’t looking good on her home channel. Then, Netflix took it to its peak by buying the rights to this series.

Since then, it’s been a must-see event and aficionados are always eager to see new episodes. Never mind !

As the cast returned to shoot the episodes, Enrique Arce, who plays the loathsome Arturo, predicted one of the best endings for the paper house.

“I can’t comment on any upcoming episodes,” he told EFE News Agency. “But it’s crazy,” he says, not unhappy with his performance in La Casa de Papel


“We prove that the playoffs can be just as good in Spain as in the USA when you put in the means,” he concedes. And that’s true !

“At the beginning, we would shoot an average of one episode in a week and a half. For seasons 3 and 4, we had a rhythm of one episode shot in two or three weeks. ”

Now that the La Casa de Papel show-runners have Netflix’s budget, it’s clear the ending won’t be sloppy. The opposite would surprise us, in short …

For now, the crew also has to deal with the coronavirus, which more or less threatens filming sessions. “We work with masks during rehearsals,” said our dear Arturo.

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As for the plot, it remains a secret for now. But we probably don’t have too much time, before we go on to assault the final episodes of La Casa de Papel.


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