La Casa de Papel competes with new Netflix series


La Casa de Papel focuses on planning and coordinating a job. Lupine focuses on the revenge factor without much detail in the planning. Comparing shows is like night and day.

La Casa de Papel has a loyal following and four seasons. Lupine is new to the scene and has only five episodes to go to his catalog. It’s clear that the recent Netflix series is aiming to amass a fan base, but can they pull it off?


La Casa de Papel has a great history, but what set Lupine apart from the hit show was Assane’s (Omar Sy) acts of revenge. In a way it seems like the current Netflix mini-series is all about redemption.

He knows that his father is innocent and yet, after 25 years, he wants his father’s name cleared. Lupin’s personal bows are more entertaining but also carry more risk.

Main character

The teacher (Álvaro Morte) is intelligent and calculating, but what is not strong. Assane can hold her own in a fight and that makes his character more attractive. Assane has been in some pretty decent fight scenes while the professor is not confrontational.


Viewers can count on one hand how many times they actually laughed while watching La Casa de Papel. It is an action packed show where the movements are well thought out. There are not many times when you need to laugh.

Although comedy is something that is inherent in both programs, in the success of La Casa de Papel it does not usually leave space for many moments, this because it is constantly wrapped in drama and action.

Lupine shows that a little suspense mixed with a little humor can be just as shocking. For example, the scene of the dog that only barks at the mention of Pellegrini.


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