La Casa de Papel: children remake the stages, Úrsula Corberó loves it!


La Casa de Papel is a huge success on Netflix. Úrsula Corberó shared a video of children taking up cult scenes!

Fans of La Casa de Papel could watch season 4 on Netflix. Ularsula Corberó released a video of children remaking the cult scenes from the Spanish series. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

For several weeks, season 4 of La Casa de Papel has been available on Netflix. So fans were able to find the robbers and the new season was full of action.

Indeed, everyone was very anxious to know the fate of Nairobi. The showrunners did not spare the character and they were even cruel. Indeed, Tokyo had to say goodbye to its friend.

Fans are all eagerly awaiting season 5 of La Casa de Papel. For the moment, Netflix has not announced a sequel but it is likely to see the light of day. For his part, Úrsula Corberó seems very attached to the TV show.

The actress embodies Tokyo and is a huge success. It must be said that her character does not lack charisma and she is very beautiful. In addition, she unveiled a small amateur video on Instagram.

Úrsula Corberó follows with attention everything that can happen around La Casa de Papel. Thus, this Monday, May 25, the star shared a video of children who repeat the cult scenes of the Spanish series.

Above the video, you can follow the original scenes from the series. Thus, there are robbers in the bank who are preparing to shoot against the police. Just below, we discover that they are children who have reproduced the scenes and they wear the same red clothes as the robbers.

Thus, these children from Nigeria put themselves in the shoes of Palermo, Tokyo, Gandia, El Professor or even Sierra. In any case, the video is worth a look and it is clear that the young people went to great lengths to redo the scenes of La Casa de Papel.

Besides, Úrsula Corberó is impressed by their work and she did not forget to congratulate them. “I present to you the next generation of filmmakers from Nigeria,” she wrote on Instagram.