La Casa De Papel Announced to Finish with Season 5


Netflix announced that La Casa De Papel, one of the most popular original productions, will make a final with the 5th season to be released in the coming periods. The release date of the final season, which will include the escape part of the big robbery, is not yet known.

La Casa De Papel, which was broadcast as 15 episodes on Spanish television channel Antena 3 in 2017, was later purchased by digital media giant Netflix and presented to the audience. Netflix, which split the series into shorter parts and broadcasted it in 22 episodes, broadcasted the third and fourth seasons without slowing down after positive reviews.

The Spanish series, which has managed to become one of the most popular productions of the company since it started to be broadcast on Netflix screens, finally appeared in the last season with the 4th season consisting of 8 episodes. As the followers of the series will know, this season did not fully end and the signals of a new season were given.

Netflix announced that La Casa De Papel will make the finals with the 5th season:

The new season of La Casa De Papel, which is among the most popular Netflix Original productions of today, is highly anticipated. Netflix, who shared a social media account today while the viewers are trying to predict what will happen in the new season, announced that the 5th season will also be the final season of the series.

The series, which gained great popularity in the international arena, was the story of a group of robbers who originally planned “the most perfect heist in Spanish history” and tried to steal 2.4 billion euros from the Spanish Royal Mint within the plan. In the following seasons, this time the efforts of the same group to rob the Central Bank of Spain were conveyed to the audience.

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The first 4 seasons of La Casa De Papel, which received great acclaim in our country, can now be watched on Netflix. There is no official explanation about when the 5th and final season will be released.


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