La Casa de Papel: Alicia Sierra will give birth in season 5?


Season 5 of La Casa de Papel is long overdue on Netflix. Alicia Sierra could give birth in the final season. Fans of La Casa de Papel are eagerly awaiting season 5 on Netflix. Alicia could join the Professor’s team and may well give birth. Please note that the article contains spoilers.

Alicia, will she give birth in the final season? La Casa de Papel fans have been waiting for season 5 for many months. This season will mark the end of the robbery history and everyone is wondering what will happen next. And for good reason, the Professor’s team is more than ever in danger.

This past season, fans faced the death of a star figure. Law enforcement Alicia Sierra trapped Nairobi and shot her. However, Tokyo had managed to operate on her and the robber seemed out of danger. Until she came face to face with Gandia …

The man did not hesitate to kill Nairobi in front of his friends in La Casa de Papel. The death was brutal and the fans were heartbroken. Subsequently, the robbers were less united and there were some big betrayals. For his part, the Professor seems to be having trouble getting his team out of the bank.

Alicia Sierra has always been formidable in the series. Besides, there are many theories surrounding this character. Fans therefore expect a lot from this next season and are even convinced that it will give birth in the next episodes.

La Casa de Papel: Alicia Sierra will give birth in season 5?

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Alicia Sierra is at the heart of the theories in La Casa de Papel. Some fans believe she could be the ex-wife from Berlin. In fact, followers have even hinted that she may be pregnant with Sergio’s brother. Since her arrival in the Spanish series, Alicia is pregnant and her pregnancy intrigues everyone.

In season 4, Alicia’s baby bump made it seem like she was going to give birth very soon. She was scheduled to be in her final trimester and fans believe she will give birth in the final season. And for good reason, on social media, Najwa Nimri posted a snapshot of her on the set. However, she no longer had her baby bump.

So, had she removed her fake belly while filming? Fans are now sure that Alicia will give birth in La Casa de Papel. Many of them are speaking out on this subject. “As for Alicia, she was doing a live stream on Instagram while filming and many noticed that she didn’t have the baby bump anymore – so, did she give birth?” One fan asked. on Reddit.

Other fans of the show, however, expect a big showdown between the Professor and Alicia. And for good reason, the former police officer has managed to find the brains of the team and may well choose to help. Finally, it’s clear that Alicia Sierra will be at the heart of Season 5 on Netflix.


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