La Casa de Papel: Álex Pina wants to repeat the formula with a new series for Netflix


For the Spanish producer Álex Pina it will be quite a challenge to be able to surpass himself, after the overwhelming success that La Casa de Papel obtained worldwide. Still without a name, it already has the green light from Netflix executives who trust that this creator can repeat the formula and develop a project of the same magnitude as the previous one.

All the experiences that planet Earth had to go through due to the Coronavirus inspired Álex Pina to conceive this thought about an underground society that reconsiders surviving meters below the ground. Union and common sense will be the protagonists to avoid a collapse by understanding the context and situation of the plot’s approach.

Netflix executives trust the creative brain of Pina, who has been backed by other projects like Sky Rojo and White Line. However, for this one in particular, several questions have been raised regarding life underground and how isolation would affect social, family and even romantic relationships in a shelter of up to 15 floors below ground, to which this group of People have had to come to save their lives in an abrupt and hasty way.

The creator of the La Casa de Papel universe is also developing a spin-off with the controversial and beloved character from Berlin as the protagonist. This is because they had the ingenuity to create strong and powerful identities as Pina explains. “They are very complex layered characters, so we could see any of them in other contexts.”

“This new stage is an extension of the trust that equates us to the most important creatives in contemporary fiction and that smooths out the differences between the US and the rest of the world. It continues to be Netflix’s commitment to the local and the talent wherever it is found.

The also father of Vis a Vis, has not yet specified whether this new production will be in miniseries format or if it will have several seasons. As it was also with the 5 from La Casa de Papel that remained at the top throughout its existence, something similar may be considered this time.

The truth is that this fifty-year-old filmmaker from Pamplona practically has a blank check with the platform, since it has given him good results in the past. We will be attentive to more details that are offered as this unnamed project is developed, but which already bears the stamp of printed red letters.