Kyrie Irving Has Reportedly Made a Decision on Next Season


It’s hard to understand the mindset of Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving at one point, not to mention his long-term plans for the entire NBA season. But one NBA insider believes he knows Kyrie’s plans for the coming year.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee show, NBA insider Shams Charania said that Kyrie wants to play in the 2022-23 NBA season for the Brooklyn Nets. To that end, he is reportedly ready to play there with or without Kevin Durant.

Kevin Durant’s caveat is especially noteworthy given that the two NBA superstars have always been viewed as a package deal. Since Durant made the exchange request, many believed that the Nets would simply part with both of them.

NBA fans are understandably skeptical of Charania’s messages. Given the headache Kyrie gave the Nets last year, fans can’t imagine the Nets leaving Kyrie behind by letting Durant go.:

“If they swap KD, they definitely swap Kyrie,” one fan replied. “So they will hope that he will come back or just get nothing?

“The nets don’t hold Kyrie if CADY is gone. The only reason they left him was to make CD happy. If he’s gone, it really doesn’t matter what Kyrie wants to do. another one.

“I seriously doubt the Nets will want to keep him if they trade Durant,” wrote a third.

It seems that Kyrie and KD will become a package deal on the Network, if nothing else. If they don’t play together in Brooklyn, they will play separately in two new cities.


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