Kyrie from Kingdom Hearts 4 is between a rock and a hard place


Kingdom Hearts 4 is still a long way off. After more than a decade of hiatus between Kingdom Hearts 2 and 3, the series is finally looking ahead again. Despite the fact that Kingdom Hearts Dark Road and the upcoming missing link of Kingdom Hearts still have a lot to tell, the distant past and present of Kingdom Hearts have largely cleared up. The “Lost Master” arch is approaching, and what it brings to the table is already beginning to surface. Kingdom Hearts 4 will bring with it a number of new characters and locations with the intention of shaking up the world.

One such example is Sora’s goal, which was usually to find or rescue his friends in past games. In Kingdom Hearts 4, instead, Sora finds herself alone in the mysterious world of the Quadrarium. This modern city is being attacked by the forces of darkness, and no matter what the Predictors plan, Sora will have a lot of worries. Meanwhile, his friends are busy looking for a way to bring him home, but it may be harder for one regular character of the series than the rest to stay in action.

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Kyrie’s time at Kingdom Hearts has not been fruitful

Kingdom Hearts fans are all too familiar with the trials and tribulations of Kyrie, Sora’s friend from the Islands of Destiny, and a supposed love interest. She spent most of the series either in the role of an unhappy girl, or stuck in training behind the scenes. Before the Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind DLC, Kyrie was easily singled out as the least significant member of the Guardians of Light, and after Sora changed the timeline, she became the only ally who died. The murder of Xehanort Kyrie is the reason why Sora had to sacrifice herself in the finale, which seems like another inability to let Kyrie act.

Kyrie was usually forced to sit on the bench, although the other female characters of Kingdom Hearts surpassed her in power of influence. Namine advanced the plot by almost two games, extracting Sora’s memories, Zion tied together the story of Roxas and Axel, and Master Aqua has too many exploits to list them. Unfortunately, even the moments when Kyrie was in the spotlight during the final battle of the ReMind DLC and the Melody of Memory campaign are potentially relegated to the background of Sora again. Due to the fact that her best performances are backed up by the intervention of Sora or Riku, Kairi constantly feels misused in the history of Kingdom Hearts.

The probability that Kyrie will help in Kingdom Hearts 4 is low

Sora is currently engaged in adventures in unreality, and most of the named cast is working to save him. King Mickey has gone to Scala ad Caelum to get information, Donald and Goofy are both trying to gather help, and other friendly faces are helping where they can. After coming out of a coma related to memory analysis, Kyrie decided that she needed more training, and turned to Aqua for tutoring. While this may mean that Kyrie’s next appearance will show that she has achieved something alone for once, her chances of doing so in Kingdom Hearts 4 don’t look good.

Despite everyone trying to help Sora, Kingdom Hearts 4 will focus on Sora’s efforts to help herself. The player will join him on a journey to a new place he finds himself in, and will probably make new friends along the way. Despite the fact that the trailer shows that some time will be spent on referring to the old line-up, it is still mainly focused on Litter. Unfortunately, because of this, Kyrie is again unable to compensate for past failures. She has been constantly set up to fail, and she is going to do another basic introductory training privately when she could develop on her own journey. It would be poetic to see how Kyrie helps save Sora after he saved her, and the finale of KH3 implies that their relationship still has a lot to grow. Unfortunately, when Riku and possibly Yozora approach Sora, it seems that she will be stuck at home preparing for a battle that may never happen.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development.


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