Kyrgyzstan Plans To Make Its Elections With Blockchain


Sadır Caparov, Interim Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan, announced that the elections in the country will be held over blockchain technology.

According to the information provided by local news sources, the Temporary Prime Minister shared information on how to conduct the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan in a press release he attended today. It has been announced that Kazakhstan, which has been working with blockchain technology for more than three years, plans to run the elections over blockchain.

It will replace the Central Election Commission

According to the news of 24KG, Kyrgyzstan will use blockchain to conduct the elections transparently. It is expected that Kyrgyzstan, which is known to have problems in organizing a fair election, will overcome this problem with blockchain. According to the information reported, the Deputy President said in his press speech:

“We had three revolutions because of these elections. We have to learn a lesson from this now. If there is evidence that voters are being bribed, this evidence should be shared in the media or on social media. We will examine them and pay them. If we can set the blockchain system properly, we can use blockchain in the next government election. Then there will be no mistake. ”

Caparov was sentenced to 11 years and 6 months in prison during the term of Former President Atambayev. Caparov, who could not benefit from the amnesty law under President Sooronbay Ceenbekov, was released from prison after the results of the elections held on October 4 were not recognized. After the presidential building and parliament were occupied by supporters, a group of deputies brought Caparov to the temporary prime minister’s seat.


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