KYMCO will produce motorcycles in Turkey! Here is the price


The KYMCO CV3 model has been launched in Turkey. Here is the price of the KYMCO CV3 and the brand’s production plans in Turkey!

KYMCO, which annually produces more than 1 million scooters, motorcycles and ATVs worldwide, has launched the CV3 model in Turkey. The KYMCO CV3 2022 model, which is the most technologically advanced and powerful scooter in the brand’s range, was put up for sale in Turkey for 369,900 Turkish lira.

While KYMCO represents Doğan Trend Automotive in Turkey, the plans for the production of motorcycles in Turkey were first announced at a meeting held with the participation of senior management from Taiwan.

KYMCO CEO Chun-Ping Ko announced the good news about the production, saying, “We would like to inform you that we have started evaluating the possibility of establishing an assembly plant in Turkey.”

Features of KYMCO CV3

With a total of 3 wheels, one in front and one in the rear, and being the most powerful in its class, the CV3 has the same cylinder block as the AK 550. 8-valve twin-cylinder engine with a capacity of 550 cc. The liquid-cooled CM offers a two-stage power mode. Maximum power is provided at 7,500 rpm, and maximum torque of 53 Nm is achieved at 5,750 rpm. With the CVT automatic transmission, it is possible to achieve uninterrupted power transmission.

The CV3 is offered for sale in black and green, providing maximum driving comfort thanks to a customizable driver’s back, adjustable windshield, keyless start system, power output under the seat and a heated handle. It is supported by safety technologies such as LED headlights, signals and stops, front suspensions with electronic locking, 6-inch digital Noodoe display, cruise control. The KYMCO CV3 also has a 4-speed adjustable brake system, a handbrake and a foot brake.

With a length of 2140 mm, a width of 960 mm and a height of 1475 mm, the KYMCO CV3 has a seat height of 795 mm and a wheelbase of 1580 mm. The fuel tank of a motorcycle with a dry weight of 280 kg is 15.5 liters. The storage compartment under the saddle can accommodate one full-size helmet.

It also provides practicality in dark conditions thanks to power output and lighting.

The purpose of the production, which will begin with the assembly, is to export to Europe.
Answering questions from the press conference regarding the new cooperation process, Kagan Dagtekin, CEO of Doğan Trend, said: “We decided to start this path with the production of CKD (assembly) type products, suitable primarily for the Turkish market. Then our goal will be to increase the rate of rooting. In order for the assembly plant to make sense, it is necessary to produce 5,000 or more units of each model.

We will start this way and will develop over time. KYMCO’s market share in Europe has reached 11 percent. We are pleased to be able to export from Turkey to Europe in the long term. We will go with this dream, we will succeed. We received a promise that we would receive all the support from KYMCO, who came to visit us at the highest level.”

Noting that Turkey is an important base of automotive production, Dagtekin said: “Turkey is a very important base of the automotive industry. It has a production capacity of about 2 million and an auxiliary industry. In this sense, we are probably one of the most developed countries in Europe. We also believe that we will be able to repeat our success in the production of motorcycles and cars and produce motorcycles for Europe. Therefore, it is very important that we increase our share in the domestic market and increase the volume in the domestic market.”

By the end of 2022, KYMCO will reach 26 authorized points of sale across the country!

In launching the CV3 brand, which is expanding its dealer and service network in Turkey day by day, Emre Akar, Deputy General Director for Motorcycles at Doğan Trend Automotive; “We have reached 22 authorized points of sale and 30 authorized service points throughout Turkey in 2 years. Our goal by the end of the year is to reach 29 dealerships, including Tekirdag, Canakkale, Balikesir, Mersin and Samsun. This is only the first phase. We aim to increase both our sales and service points in the coming years.”


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