Kylie Jenner’s Incredible Post about Her and Travis Scott’s Private Jets Has Gone Viral, and Not in a Good Way


Kylie Jenner had a different upbringing than most of her fans, as she grew up before our eyes on TV as the younger sister of Kardashian-Jenner in the long-time E! reality TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians. She used this fame to travel as a self-made woman, becoming the founder of Kylie Cosmetics with a turnover of a billion dollars. And the star of “Kylie’s Life” continues to live on another level. This fact became quite obvious recently when a photo of her family on social media in front of their private jets (yes, plural) went viral for all the wrong reasons.

On July 15, the makeup mogul shared an Instagram post with boyfriend Travis Scott and daughter Stormi, who recently created her first TikTok, which was perhaps supposed to be a loving portrait of her family. However, many fans couldn’t help but take offense at the apparent flaunting of her and Scott’s wealth, as she drew attention to the fact that they both have private jets.

The black-and-white photo shows the family hugging between Kylie Jenner’s Bombardier Global 7500 plane, which she bought in 2020, rumored to be worth $72.8 million, and Travis Scott’s Embraer E-series plane, which he also purchased in 2020 for $72 million. . Rolls Royce is also visible in the photo.

Although it’s a cute photo of a famous family, some fans were turned away by what appeared to be a boastful display of wealth, especially with the caption: “Do you want to take mine or yours?” Some fans have turned to the comments to express their concerns with the publication of Kylie Jenner:

This display of wealth is incredible. So detached from the struggle of the common man. — lilmisssasu CLASSLESS BRAGGING — oceanglow990

Many comments pointed out that using their private jets for short trips is harmful to the environment. The reality TV star was photographed last month on her plane to fly to Palm Springs with her mom Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, which, according to Gmail, is a 49-minute flight. Fans mentioned this trip in the comments to her post with her and her boyfriend’s planes:

Why should I limit my meat intake and use paper straws while the 1% emits tons of carbon into the atmosphere for a day trip to Palm Springs? — Ashbramwell Global warming who ? 🌍 — liane.Duprtl Maybe don’t give up on anything and reduce your carbon footprint — jayasmita.datta_Whos plan, we have to pollute the earth today — nnixcole

The environment is a serious concern, as is how many people are struggling with the current inflationary crisis that the country is experiencing, which has led to higher prices for gas, food, rent, etc. But let’s be realistic: most people who disagreed with Kylie Jenner’s bend just felt attacked, like this commenter:

this post just called me poor — jessaeryn

Yes, it is. Kylie Jenner’s suspension from the “normal” life experience was fully demonstrated during the first season of The Kardashians, which can be streamed on a Hulu subscription. She and Kris Jenner started the day shopping for groceries on their own, happily driving her car through the car wash, and they even refueled their own gasoline.

We may not always agree with how Kylie Jenner chooses to spend her money or show off her wealth, but I think most of us can admit that it’s interesting to take a look at this lifestyle. Let’s see what else is in store — and maybe we’ll find out the name of baby No. 2? — when The Kardashians return to Hulu for season 2 on September 22. In the meantime, you can review Season 1 or watch other top shows on Hulu.