Kylie Jenner’s fans Think Her purpose of the visit is to repair the damage


TikTok reality TV star Kylie Jenner’s highlights from her trip to Target have been criticized by Kardashian fans who think the video was compensation for damage to ease the negative reaction to her posting about a private jet. Kylie found herself at the center of criticism after she posted a photo of her and Travis Scott showing off a pair of private jets. Since the post was published against the backdrop of rising inflation, many viewers did not agree that Kylie was showing off her wealth on social networks. This is not the first time KarJenner has been accused of a deaf post.

The famous family is often criticized for demonstrating their luxurious lifestyle in difficult times. Kim Kardashian faced a backlash when she flew with her family and loved ones on a large private jet during lockdown to celebrate her 40th birthday. Given the current economic crisis, many were offended that Kylie posted a black-and-white photo of her and Travis standing in front of two giant planes. She added a caption suggesting that they have the option to choose any of them. But fans criticized Kylie for posting what they called a deaf photo as the nation prepares for a possible recession.

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After posting the photo, Celebrity Jets reported that Kylie jumped on her plane for a short 17-minute flight. Amid news of the short trip, Kylie is being called a “climate criminal.” But in a subtle response to her deaf jokes, Kylie shared a TikTok video showing her “unexpected” visit to Target with daughter Stormy Webster and nieces Chicago West and Tru Thompson. But fans were quick to accuse Kylie of trying to pass herself off as “middle class” amid criticism over her post about a private jet. “I’m playing a simulator of ordinary life,” one user wrote in response to the video. — Did you also come here by private jet? someone else asked.

Kylie Jenner’s plane landed in Van Nuys, California, USA. Approx. apartment time 17 min.

— Celebrity Jets (@CelebJets) July 13, 2022

Kylie still has a post about a private jet on her page. This is one of the latest in a series of photos Kylie has shared teasing how well she and Travis have been doing since they welcomed their son in February. It’s no secret how rich and successful Kylie is. As the youngest of the Kargenner clan, Kylie had the honor of growing up rich and in the public eye. Despite the fact that her Forbes title of “the youngest self-made billionaire” was stolen, Kylie still acquired a net worth of $ 600 million thanks to her fame and business success. A short trip on a private plane is a trifle for a 24—year-old mother of two children.

Taking the photo will only calm the incessant critics of the Kardashian family. Kylie knows firsthand how cruel critics on social media can be against her family. By leaving the post, Kylie is apparently sending a message that she is not bothered by the claims of deafness. Kylie can’t do anything about the fact that she doesn’t live in poverty and can make a five-minute flight on the other side of town. This probably won’t be the last post about a private jet that fans will see from the beauty mogul.