Does Kylie Jenner’s childhood really resemble Stormi?


Stormi is the real double of Kylie Jenner when she was little, this photo is incredible.

Recently, Kylie Jenner took on a challenge with her daughter Stormi in a buzz video that made everyone melt . The young woman wanted to test the patience of her daughter in front of a bowl of candy, and the least that can be said is that the child has successfully won the bet hands down! For more than two years now, Kylie Jenner has been filling her followers with happiness with overly crisp photos and videos of her daughter Stormi.

She who shouted loudly that the little one was her spitting image, we have recently had proof of this with a particular shot! An Instagram account superimposed a photo of Stormi smiling toothy with another of Kylie Jenner as a child and the result is stunning. The two really look like two drops of water, with the same expression!

No doubt, Stormi is indeed the daughter of Kylie Jenner and we have the proof once again. On several occasions, the ex of Travis Scott had also made some confidences on this subject, as on Twitter , a few days after giving birth, writing “She really looks like me when I was a baby” or even “She is my twin “.

Kylie Jenner had however recognized that a physical trait of Stormi came straight from Travis Scott, explaining:

“She has the most perfect lips in the whole world. She did not have them from me, I believe that her father has them same. “

In any case, this little girl has not finished cracking the planet people with her face of angel! In another context,unexpected revelations suggest that Rihanna was once in a relationship with an ex from Kylie Jenner.

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