Kylie Jenner: the young woman’s menus unveiled! (VIDEO)


Kylie Jenner revealed her food routine on her youtube channel. And we can say that its menus are for all tastes!

Kylie Jenner has lifted the veil on her different menus! Indeed, the beautiful spoke of her food routine on a YouTube channel. What inspires more than one!

Find out what Kylie Jenner eats every day!
As you probably already know Kylie Jenner is also a youtuber! Indeed, very often the beautiful gives us her multiple advices. For example, we saw her cook with her daughter Stormi. Or prepare for a day with sister Kim Kardashian. But Kylie also plays it decorator during Christmas. His fans love his advice!

And it was for Harper’s Bazaar magazine that the beautiful was delivered! In a video “Everything Kylie Eats in a Day! What to know a little more about the daily life of your favorite star. And it will surprise you!

Kylie Jenner begins the video by saying that she loves to eat. Just like her daughter, by the way! The first thing the beauty eats is her celery juice! And yes nothing very glamorous … For now! Even if he loves coffee or tea, she prefers to do without it. Mother and daughter then both share the little one.

The latter consist of fruit. But beware of nuts! Indeed, she is allergic to peanuts. For lunch she loves to eat lemon chicken! This is the dish she orders while traveling. With rice and vegetables!

Its cute sin is still the fast-food In and out. When Kylie Jenner was pregnant she ate it once a week! She ordered a double cheese burger, fries and a Coke! But she also loves all kinds of fries! At the Barbecue, with cheese everything goes! Certainly the youngest of the Kardash is a gourmet!


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