Kylie Jenner Wrote a Lot From Aspen, But This Only Gave Rise to Rumors About Her Relationship With Travis Scott


The Kardashian Clan/Jenner consists of the most famous people in the world who have turned their 15-year fame in reality TV into a number of extremely successful business ventures and widespread fame on social networks. At the same time, there are millions of people who follow all of them on the Internet and pay very close attention to everything they do or don’t do, and Kylie Jenner recently posted so many messages from Aspen, and her boyfriend Travis Scott is nowhere to be found. this only provoked rumors about their affair.

What do fans say about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship?

Subscribers of the young billionaire noticed that the rapper “Sicko Mode” is missing from many photos and videos that she posted in Aspen on the eve and during the celebration of the New Year. The TikTok video posted by itsfashiondarling_ seems to have led to breakup rumors, as it notes that Scott has now allegedly unsubscribed from everyone who was in the snowy Colorado area with Jenner. They say that these people include Kanye West’s former friends, Justin and Haley Bieber, Jenner’s best friend Stassi Karanikolau, DJ/club promoter Zach Bia and others.

This video was posted on a Reddit thread dedicated to the Kardashians, and as you can imagine, these breakup rumors have caused a number of different opinions and comments from fans. The Reddit user who posted the video even asked the group if this trip, which, as we saw, includes the little daughter of the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, was more of an “escape from a break/broken heart” than just a fun ending. vacation during the year.

This has prompted responses that range from doubts about the accuracy of the information to those who hope/believe that it is true, for example:

  • He unsubscribed from Justine six months ago… As far as I know, he hasn’t subscribed to any of her friends for a couple of years. He unsubscribed from Hayley more than two years ago when they had their first major breakup. Then he unsubscribed from a group of her friends.
  • They’ve “broken up” before, so I doubt it means anything.
  • They have different houses and they [flew] on different planes the last time they were seen together at a party… I bet they just pretended to be together after the astromir to create a single family image.
  • I hope Travis is somewhere in his fucking feelings.
  • I fucking knew!!! She only posts herself when she’s single.

Jenner and Scott have been together (from time to time) since the beginning of 2017, welcomed daughter Stormi in 2018 and their almost one-year-old son (whom we’ll have to keep calling Wolf until they reveal his new name) in February 2022. As one user noted, the parents of the two really broke up earlier, in 2019, but then went into quarantine together so that both could spend time with their daughter, which led to the resumption of the novel.

There were indeed rumors in this split that the “Tallest in the Room” rapper was cheating on Jenner, but in recent years they have endured the aftermath of the Astroworld tragedy and riots on a private jet last summer. In fact, time will tell whether they broke up or not, so fans will just have to wait and see.


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