Kylie Jenner in working girl mode: she reveals behind the scenes of her offices!


Kylie Jenner posted a video of her premises! Indeed, the working girl has many offices for her two beauty brands!Kylie Jenner is a real working girl. The young woman created a huge empire just 22 years old. She is one of the richest stars on the planet.

Indeed, his collection of make-up cardboard around the world. This allowed him to have another notoriety in the world of beauty.

In addition, Kylie Jenner decided to create a new brand named Kylie Skin. It offers its fans a range of products for the skin. And it’s still a success. Thus, the young woman wanted to unveil the offices of his company. She filmed some kind of vlog posted on her YouTube channel. It has more than 6 million subscribers on its channel. Each video earns him thousands of euros!


Kylie Jenner has large offices for her brands. Indeed, in the video, the working girl reveals all her pieces. It has several meeting rooms, studios to shoot videos. Plus, she has a place to do her hair and make up. It must be said that his plays seem important, because it allows him to make video tutorials or photo shoots. She feeds her Instagram account every day, which is followed by more than 148 million followers.

In addition, we see the little Stormi at the end of the video. Thus, Kylie Jenner’s daughter spends a lot of time with her mother on the premises. She even has space for her! The young woman is a real businesswoman. By the way, this type of video is very popular with its fans. She has already been seen more than 2.6 million people. The it-girl is likely to redo others of this type, because it cardboard on the web. She does not need to post several in the month, her fans are present every time!


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