Kylie Jenner with the Grinch on Instagram!


On her Instagram account, influencer Kylie Jenner teases her new make-up collection by posing with the Grinch.

If Kylie Jenner can boast of being born with a silver spoon in her mouth, the young woman does not sit idly by. Indeed, the youngest of the Kardashian siblings – Jenner struggles at work.

Projects ? The mother of Stormi, her two-year-old daughter, is bursting with imagination. To satisfy its subscribers, it could leave dozens. But we have to believe that Kim Kardashian’s little sister still has one area of ​​predilection: make-up.

Thus, the youngest of the billionaire clan spends her time thinking about new ideas. How could she make her collections even more attractive? This month, the Christmas spirit gave him a little boost.

Yep, Kylie Jenner was inspired by the famous Christmas movie: The Grinch. As a reminder, this strange green-skinned beast hates this end of the year party so much! Besides, the one who lives reclusive in a trailer has a diabolical idea.

But which ? It’s very simple, the Grinch wants to stop Christmas and deprive all the inhabitants of Chouville of happiness. In the middle of the night, he steals all their presents, convinced that it would spoil the party. But the magic of Christmas still sprinkles the city!


So, we can imagine that Kylie Jenner showed this adorable Christmas movie to her little one. And by putting her in front of a screen, it gave her an idea for her make-up collection. The result ignites the Internet!

Aware of her success, the business-woman is not content to share her new products on Instagram. Indeed, the former girlfriend of Travis Scott also poses with the Grinch in person (or almost) to tease his new baby.

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Thus, Kylie Jenner could not help but share her festive shoot on the social network. In just a few hours, his publication has accumulated no less than 24,000 “likes”. A nice montage signed by user Toby Hudson (@tobhudson).


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