Kylie Jenner was shocked when she got the princess dress!


Kylie Jenner keeps receiving packages this holiday season. The young woman is also totally a fan of the latest dress!

Kylie Jenner is one of the most shining personalities in the world of peoples. So, it’s no wonder that the young woman receives tons of gifts as the holiday season approaches.

Each December, Forbes magazine unveils the ranking of the world’s highest paid celebrities.

Thus, the beautiful Kylie Jenner arrives in first place in the ranking with $ 590 million earned in 2020. This sum comes from the sale of 51% of her company “Kylie Cosmetics” to the Coty group. And social networks of course!

Kylie Jenner is followed by her brother-in-law. Indeed, Kanye West obtains the second place of the classification with 170 million dollars. Revenue mainly generated by its Yeezy sneaker brand in partnership with Adidas.

And in third position is the tennis champion Roger Federer!


You will understand, Kylie Jenner is very appreciated by her fans … and by brands! So, with Christmas approaching, it is nothing new that the young woman receives lots of gifts to promote them. This is the job of an influencer!

But one of them particularly caught her attention! This is therefore a dress from the Balmain brand. It is blue green and made mostly of lace.

Nothing more could delight the young woman. Thus, in the caption of a Story in which she presents the collector’s item, Kylie Jenner exclaims “omg”.

It must be said that this pretty dress looks like those of the Princesses that we see in the Disney movies. Cinderella in particular! The question then arises, is Kylie Jenner going for this outfit for the holidays? To be continued !

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