Kylie Jenner was lynched for her shower in her villa!

Lately, Kylie Jenner has attracted the taunts of internet users after immortalizing her sublime shower on her social networks!

It’s not easy to be a star! A few days ago, Kylie Jenner wanted to impress her fans by filming her sublime shower. Unfortunately, some netizens blatantly laughed at her on Twitter.

Like her sisters, Kylie Jenner is one of the most talented influencers of her generation. Powered by “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, the star subsequently decided to enter the cosmetics field.

To this day, the young woman is the head of “Kylie Skin”. But also from “Kylie Cosmetics”.

And all of its products are all the rage around the world. Thanks to her business, the pretty brunette has become a multimillionaire!

But its success is well deserved. “I am constantly inspired by my mother, my sisters and my grandmother”, thus delivered the star for “ELLE” in 2020.

But also: “On the beauty side, I like to share my products and my favorites with my friends and my sisters”.

On a daily basis, Kylie Jenner is a true fashionista. Her clothing choices greatly inspire her admirers.

And that’s not all. Mason’s aunt is very often talked about because of her incredible manicures which she changes as she pleases.

“To me, my fingernails (or rather my claws) are a form of personal expression just like my hair,” the businesswoman, still told “ELLE” reporters, told reporters.

If Kylie Jenner is always unanimous on the Web, she also sometimes receives mockery from her followers because of her posts. And this weekend, Kendall’s sister took it for her rank!


On a daily basis, Kylie Jenner refuses nothing to please herself. In her sublime villa in L.A, the star has also installed high-quality furniture.

Wanting to impress her followers, the young woman therefore filmed one of her showers on the Web. While her bathroom amazed some of her followers, others found her post just “ridiculous.”

“Woow, spending thousands of dollars to have such low pressure. It sucks, “we can read on Twitter. But also: “I hope her shower has other options. Mine has functions similar to hers. I didn’t understand his video ”.

Not sure that Kylie Jenner enjoys tackling. Even though Mason’s aunt is often the target of Internet user attacks, she continues to feed her social networks every day.

Last I heard, all is well for her! And obviously, North’s aunt is eager to unveil her new projects in 2021.


If Kylie Jenner is very busy with her business, her daughter Stormi comes first! Like a real mother hen, the incendiary brunette loves to spoil her.

From her 2 years old, Psalm’s cousin already has a wardrobe worthy of a princess. On the Web, the girl very often wears outfits from the greatest fashion designers.

But that’s not all. The adorable duo often make the buzz on the Internet with their incredible cooking tutorials. And mother and daughter always make their fans salivate with their amazing recipes. We love !



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