Kylie Jenner wants to enrich herself with Kylie Skin


Bad buzz for Kylie Jenner! His fans accuse him of taking advantage of the pandemic to enrich himself with his beauty brand Kylie Skin …

Bad buzz for Kylie Jenner! Her fans accuse the pretty brunette of taking advantage of the pandemic to enrich herself with her beauty brand Kylie Skin …

Usually adored by everyone, today Kylie Jenner has pissed off her fans. Indeed, she is accused of taking advantage of the Covid by selling a hand sanitizer at $ 7 or € 5.7 …

Shock! Fans are amazed at the price of the 60 mL bottle.

Covid requires, the mask and the gel have become the two very important elements to always carry with you. Kylie Jenner therefore wanted to be present on the market by offering her own Kylie Skin products.

Followed by her sister, Kim K. also added a face mask to her clothing line last March. His unique model went quickly for the price of 25 dollars for four masks, or a unit price of 7.40 €.


On Instagram, Kylie Jenner unveiled her 2 new products a few hours ago! “You will love our new set of hand sanitizer and masks to stay clean and safe on the go! 💦 💖 ”she comments under her photo.

On a pink background, we thus discover a pretty bottle and a pastel mask with an illustrated mouth. For her gel, she also states: “80 percent alcohol, quick-drying and formulated with glycerin to prevent dryness. ”

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Unfortunately, not everyone was delighted with the unveiling of the product … And for good reason, the fans resent him and find it expensive in view of the situation!

So one Twitter user commented, “Kylie really made Kylie Skin hand sanitizer… like? Let’s take advantage of a pandemic. Another also added: “Taking advantage of a pandemic that has claimed millions of lives. Shame on you all. ”

Despite the high price tag, let’s not forget that Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian donated $ 1 million for the covid relief efforts …


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