Kylie Jenner very proud to be completely blonde again!


Kylie Jenner has fallen for a new hair look! This time, the top has decided to redo her platinum blonde. And it’s hot!

It’s official ! Kylie Jenner is finally blonde again! The young woman shared a cute selfie to show her new style to her fans. And the result left no one indifferent! We show you …

It’s no secret that Kylie Jenner loves changing her look with the seasons! Indeed, the young mother is a fan of fashion! And she doesn’t hesitate to embrace all the trends!

Kim’s sister always tackles looks at the cutting edge of fashion. Clothes, accessories, make-up… the bomb leaves nothing to chance! And the latter is not afraid of change!

Indeed, Kylie Jenner has a habit of changing her mind! She has fun trying new hairstyles every week, to the delight of internet users!

Yesterday, the young woman fell for a new hair style! She decided to swap her light brown for a gorgeous platinum blonde. We love !


The it girl then shared a nice photo to show her new hair to her fans. The top poses proudly and approaches a pretty blonde hair on the shot!

As always, Kylie Jenner is sexier than ever! She wears an ultra low-cut patterned top and gives a glimpse of her chest.

Internet users therefore immediately fell in love with the star! It must be said that its new color suits it perfectly!

Kylie Jenner collects more than 6 million likes with her photo. But that’s not all ! The fashionista was also entitled to thousands of compliments!

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“Too beautiful”, “Canon”, “You look beautiful in blonde”, “My favorite color on you! »We can read among the reactions. Something to please the young woman!

Once again, Kylie Jenner has blown the web with her look. It remains to be seen how long the star will keep her platinum blonde before changing her head!


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