Kylie Jenner unveils her daughter Stormi’s luxury bags!


Kylie Jenner adores her daughter Stormi and she does everything to make her happy. Thus, the star does not hesitate to buy her luxury bags.

Kylie Jenner has a two-year-old baby girl. Stormi already has a very nice dressing room and her mom has unveiled all her luxury bags on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner had a baby girl, Stormi, over two years ago. The star ended her story with Travis Scott several months ago and focuses on the well-being of her child.

The star spent all of her forties with her daughter in their new villa in Los Angeles. Besides, they were very accomplices and Kylie never separates more from Stormi. So mom and daughter get along wonderfully and it shows on social media.

Little Stormi is still very young but she is cracking the fans on Instagram. Indeed, the little girl steals the show from her mother with her little face and she seems adorable. However, it seems that she is very spoiled by her mother.

Indeed, Kylie Jenner made the buzz by revealing her daughter with a Louis Vuitton bag at more than 1000 euros. Still, she didn’t stop there as she showed off the girl’s entire collection of luxury bags.


Kylie Jenner doesn’t seem to bother with criticism and she even wanted to play the provocation card. Thus, Friday, July 17, the young woman unveiled the luxury bags of Stormi. It seems that the two-year-old girl already has a beautiful collection of Prada bags.

Indeed, on the photo, we can see that Stormi has four small bags of this brand. Kylie seems rather proud that her child can match her outfits with hers and she doesn’t hide it.

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“I had to take all of the little Prada bags from her to match mum,” she wrote on Instagram.

Thus, Stormi will be able to look like Kylie Jenner with all these pretty bags. It seems that nothing is too good or too expensive for the starlet and she does everything to make her daughter have the same style as her.


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