Kylie Jenner unrecognizable: she poses in a total rock look on Instagram!


On Instagram, Kylie Jenner posed in rocker mode. For the new year, the young woman seems to have decided to change her look.

New year, new look! Kylie Jenner has just metamorphosed for the beginning of the year 2020. On Instagram, she appears in total Rock look!

For the new year, the stars have continued to post photos of them. Besides, Miley Cyrus had started the year by shocking her fans and posing in a rocker outfit! For 2020, the singer did not want to change her personality and intends to impose her style! On the other hand, Kylie Jenner also shocked her fans by adopting an outfit that does not look like her at all!

However, fans of the pretty brunette had already been used to seeing the young woman change her look like her shirt. In fact, Kylie Jenner surprised internet users in 2014. Stormi’s mom had a very different style from today. In eccentric rapper mode, she had colored her hair in an electric blue color. In 2015 it was a pale green color that had taken place on the head of the star.

This year, Kylie Jenner then appears in sexy rocker mode on social networks. Indeed, the Insta account of photographer morelli brothers has just revealed a still little-known facet of the star! Glassy eyes, tongue drawn and open mouth, this is how Kim Kardashian’s sister posed for the camera. But that’s not all ! What caught the attention of fans was the new look of Travis Scott’s ex.

She wears a green checkered shirt over a sky blue top. So far, so good ! Except that Kylie Jenner’s favorite accessory to enhance her outfit is none other than a necklace of barbed wire. Also the blonde haircut caused a sensation. Finally, the young woman looks a lot like the character of Sway played by Angelina Jolie in the movie 60 seconds flat! A great transformation for 2020!


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