Kylie Jenner unrecognizable because of Photoshop


Is Kylie Jenner abusing Photoshop lately? Internet users find that this is clearly the case and are not shy to tell him.

It connects the controversies. While Kylie Jenner has been accused of theft by a textile company, she finds herself again in the heart of the news. The reality TV star recently collaborated with famous beauty YouTuber James Charles. The opportunity to create a pretty makeup for Halloween. In the video, the young woman appeared natural before being totally metamorphosed. On Instagram, she shared the result but the photo won her a lot of criticism. And for good reason, many of his subscribers pointed out the excess Photoshop used by Stormi’s mother who, according to them, would have refined her face and lightened the color of her eyes.

Internet users have therefore not gone dead hand to pin Kylie Jenner on her multiple flagrant retouching. “It’s so annoying how much she changes her physique. It’s embarrassing and really unnecessary,” “LOL, she doesn’t even look like herself anymore. She really thought we wouldn’t notice?”, ” When two plastics meet … “we read in particular in the publication of the pretty brunette. Spikes and mockery which, however, do not seem to reach the main concerned. Elsewhere in the news, the editorial ‘of melty reveals the amount of the fortune of Kylie Jenner who is now less rich than Kim Kardashian.

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