Kylie Jenner turned into the Grinch for Kylie Cosmetics!


A fam Instagram account of Kylie Jenner unveils a beautiful photo of the main interested in Grinch for Kylie Cosmetics. Too sexy!

For Christmas 2020, Kylie Jenner has imagined a collection of make-up with the Grinch. An Instagram account fan of the it-girl reveals her all dressed in green.

To let go ? Never ! Whether physically or in her professional life, Kylie Jenner always wants to be on top. Indeed, the youngest of the Kardashian clan – Jenner can not help herself: her image must be perfect.

So the businesswoman works hard and struggles to complete all these projects. In particular her make-up brand, Kylie Cosmetics, which she continues to innovate. Two-year-old Stormi’s mom always comes up with new ideas.

And for good reason, the it-girl does not want to let the competition engulf her in this environment. As a reminder, her half-sister Kim Kardashian is one of her biggest rivals. She too is the head of a very popular brand called KKW.

So to boost sales and stay first on the podium, Travis Scott’s former girlfriend is trying to renew her collections as much as possible. In fact, that’s exactly what she just did for Christmas 2020.

In short, Kylie Jenner imagined a whole range of makeup with… the Grinch. Yep, you know that weird green-skinned beast that hates this holiday season. The one who wants to try to stop Christmas in the town of Chouville.


So all of Kylie Jenner’s new makeup pieces wear the colors of this adorable movie. Namely, mainly green and red. So for the teasing of her brand Kylie Cosmetics, the young woman does not hesitate to dress in green.

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And as proof, an Instagram account fan of Kylie Jenner has just unveiled a photo of the main interested party. In the pictures, the pretty 23-year-old brunette is dressed as a Grinch. But of course, she’s still as sexy as ever!


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