Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott separated: this piece that says more about their breakup!


Travis Scott would have passed a message in his last album Jackboys. In particular on the causes of his breakup with Kylie Jenner 2 months ago!

Often artists use their music as an outlet, this is the case of Travis Scott about his relationship with Kylie Jenner if we believe these latest songs! We’re talking to you!

So two months ago, the star couple separated for unknown reasons. Despite various statements from relatives and sources, neither has yet spoken on the cause of the split. So rumors have kept fueling this ending and so far all we know is that “they weren’t on the same page anymore.” Besides, this rupture surprised fans who did not expect it at all, it was October 2!

The birth of their little daughter Stormi therefore did not allow the couple to stay together. However, they make sure that she doesn’t feel that way. So often Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott go out all three. Certainly because it makes them feel good, but especially for their daughter and they do it wonderfully! Like each of the Kardashian sisters, motherhood and children are important. “She really wants a second baby. But Travis is not ready to give her everything she wants, “a source told people magazine.

So a few days ago Travis Scott released his album Jackboys. So the fans were quick to listen to it and analyze the lyrics of certain tracks. As 20 Minutes reported, one of the titles echoed his situation with Kylie Jenner more than the others! Indeed, in the song Gatti, words are quite evocative: “Leave me alone, she wanted to stay in bed and hibernate.” I’m taking the risk, and it’s hard to swallow. ”

These few words may allude to their opposite way of life. That of Kylie Jenner, the business woman who takes care of her child and lives on her pensions calmly at home. While he, the artist, continues his tours and travels. However, this different way of life does not prevent the two parents from loving each other and spending time together! Case to follow!


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