Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have a date, have they reconciled yet?


The couple had their first official outing after being separated.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott star in one of the most popular couples in the industry, although since last year they both went through a separation without neglecting their daughter Stormi.

During those months , Kylie stated that they needed some time, but in the quarantine, they continued to be frequented and it seems that the rumors of reconciliation are increasing after they were caught on an apparent date.

Through social networks, photographs of Kylie and Travis are circulated being escorted from a very famous restaurant in Los Angeles, this would be their first public appearance since their separation.

Both wore black outfits, which could be another clue that they even coordinated their outfits. According to a socialite update account, they both left the restaurant separately, but Travis boarded Kylie’s personal car.

Apparently, they wanted to mislead the witnesses who were in the place, but the photos confirm the appointment; A few days ago, People magazine reported that the rapper would have intentions of recovering the young businesswoman.

So far, neither of them has denied their reconciliation, but it seems that they have taken things up between them, although it may also only be about the good relationship they have for the good of Stormi. What do you think?

During the quarantine, the first rumors were unleashed , because despite the required social distancing, both lived together in the past weeks, even Kylie shared some posts on her Instagram account to congratulate him on his birthday.


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