Kylie Jenner tests Stormi with the Fruit Snack Challenge


Kylie Jenner’s daughter showed all her patience with the ‘Fruit Snack Challenge’. Stormi won the admiration of many people to see how she overcome the challenge ‘Fruit Snack’.

Since its birth the first of February 2018, Stormi Webster has grabbed the attention of everyone with their adorable and epic moments, daughter Kylie Jenner and Scott Travis is known for its good attitude and tenderness.

Little Stormi has been on social media trends on several occasions, either because of her mega-birthday party or because her grandmother, Kris Jenner gave her a huge dollhouse adapted so that her granddaughter could play comfortably.

Kylie constantly posts how she goes through the process of social isolation with Stormi , the youngest of the clan spends her time spending refreshing moments in the pool at home, relaxes watching movies, playing tennis and enjoying time with the model Anastasia Karanikolaou , her best friend.

If Stormi had already won the love of all Internet users, now, the baby was applauded as Kylie Jenner shared a video on her Instagram account where she tested her daughter’s tolerance with the ‘ Fruit Snack Challenge’ .

In the clip it is appreciated how the businesswoman placed a bowl of chocolates on a table, Kylie told Stormi that she would only give her three sweets, the little girl had to wait for her mother to return from the bathroom, while Kyle left, Stormi approached to the plate, but did not have any chocolate .

Before Kylie reappeared, Stormi encouraged herself singing “Patience, patience, patience” so as not to be tempted to eat the delicious chocolates, Owwww, how adorable. Netizens quickly commented on their views by posting that Stormi’s reaction was incredible and that he had been through a very difficult challenge for any child.

Recently sister Kylie Jenner , Khloé was criticized by users of social networks play a joke on her sister Kourtney Kardashian at home during this quarantine.


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