Kylie Jenner tests her Kylie Skin products in her bath!


Kylie Jenner has just posted a new video on her Instagram account. The young woman tries her Kylie Skin products in her bath.

Kylie Jenner has just posted a new story on her Instagram account. And who better than she to test her own Kylie Skin brand products?

For several years now, the young woman has established herself as the businesswoman of the Kardashian family. And for good reason, at only 21 years old, Kylie Jenner has become the youngest billionaire in the world.

It must be said that its different brands are selling like hot cakes. A few years ago, the young woman hit hard by launching her makeup brand. She then launched Kylie Cosmetics. Kim Kardashian’s sister only offered lipsticks at the time, and these sold like hot cakes, despite their high price.

Kylie Jenner then decided to expand her line with other products that have also sold very well. But of course, the young woman did not stop there. Given the success of her makeup brand, she decided to go into body care.


A few months ago, Kylie Jenner unveiled her new project. The young woman decided to launch Kylie Skins. A range of specialized products for the body and for the face.

The range includes, for example, moisturizing serums for the face, body scrubs or body lotions. The success of her brand is obviously no longer to be proven, but Kylie Jenner continues to promote it every day.

This Sunday, January 10, Kylie Jenner decided to take a little rest in her bath. And obviously, the young woman uses her Kylie Skin products. So she posted a video on her Instagram account. Stormy’s mother is in her bath and uses the product “Rose Bubble Bath” which allows for a bubble bath.