Kylie Jenner styling Stormi: the video that melts the web!

Kylie Jenner takes her role as a mom very seriously. She patiently takes care of Stormi and loves to style her daughter’s hair.

So cute ! Kylie Jenner is buzzing on the internet with a video of her styling Stormi. It literally melts the hearts of the fans!

If Kylie Jenner has the habit of making the buzz on the Web, it is often because of her provocative outfits. Indeed, the young woman really likes tight-fitting suits, sexy lingerie and dresses with plunging necklines. However, Kim’s sister is talked about for a completely different subject. And for once, she is far from being lynched by the fans. No, they even risk being conquered by the sweetness of the young woman.

The Instagram account Kyliesn snapchat posted a video just 24 hours ago. On this one, we can see Kylie Jenner doing her little hair. Very careful, Kris’ youngest daughter takes her time to succeed in making a perfect line for her daughter. And while her mom takes care of her, Stormi is monopolized by the cartoons that play on the star’s phone.

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So precious

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Kylie Jenner has everything from the perfect mom. She then takes good care of her daughter and seems very patient with her hair. However, this does not seem easy. One fan even commented, ” I don’t know how people work with similar nails. How do you wipe and close your buttons? But it’s adorable! » Indeed, the pretty brunette succeeds in such a meticulous action while having extremely long nails!

Still, that does n’t seem to bother Kylie Jenner , who takes her role as a mother very seriously. Very close to her daughter, she then unveiled a new collection of make-up entirely dedicated to her baby. And for the occasion, she even organized a crazy party last weekend!

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