Kylie Jenner Sleeps With Her Little Stormi


Kylie Jenner continues to soften the canvas by appearing with Stormi! Yesterday, the star shared a lovely moment of tenderness with her daughter!

Kylie Jenner is a real mother hen ! Indeed, the young woman never leaves Stormi ! The star does not hesitate to sleep with her little girl. So she revealed a nice shot before going to bed! We let you discover…

Kylie Jenner is gaga of Stormi ! Indeed, not a day goes by without the star posting the girl on social networks. We can then follow the evolution of the brunette over the months. And obviously, the latter is closer and closer to her mother . We love !

Yesterday, Kylie Jenner revealed a new moment of complicity with Stormi on Snapchat. She published a nice photo where we can see her holding her daughter’s hand . Kylie and Stormi have a very close bond. And Internet users could not resist the charm of the duo! It must be said that these are adorable!

Many Internet users shared the photo on social networks! And they did not hesitate to compliment Kylie Jenner . “Too cute ” , “You are a great mom”, “Enjoy it well” , “Too cute her little hands” , “It’s adorable” can we read in the comments. Enough to please the pretty brunette!

Kylie Jenner is ready to do anything for the happiness of her daughter ! Indeed, nothing is too good for the small Stormi ! A few weeks ago, the star then organized an incredible birthday party for the little girl. But that’s not all ! She also doesn’t hesitate to spoil her daughter by covering her with gifts! At just 2 years old, Stormi already has the life of a star. And the latter is all the rage with internet users. No doubt: the next generation is therefore assured!


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