Kylie Jenner after a shower shows you how she takes care of her skin


Kylie Jenner after a shower shows you how she takes care of her skin. Are you going to miss it? The model and businesswoman launches a new line of creams, see how she promotes them.

The life of the beautiful businesswoman Kylie Jenner is a come and go for all versions, this time the designer has also launched her new line of creams, and had no better idea than to promote them on the networks.

As everyone knows, Kylie draws on the income provided by the advertisements they generate on the Instagram network. An advertisement here, another one over there and we get rich.

But the famous businesswoman knows and wants to show that to drive her millions of followers crazy she doesn’t need any kind of publicity.

The poses of the model always raise the temperature of the networks, and it is only a matter of waiting a few minutes for her fans to show it in the likes and comments.

In this last postcard, Jenner wanted to publicize her current cream release, for this she took a picture just out of the shower, with wet hair and covered with a towel.

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