Kylie Jenner shares Photos of her boyfriend!


Kylie Jenner has left her followers with a lot of intrigue after sharing some compromising photos with a boy on her Instagram. New romance?

Has Kylie Jenner revealed her new man to the world with her latest Instagram photo? The internet is buzzing about who the handsome young man posing with the reality star is and what exactly their relationship is.

Ever since she split from Travis Scott last year, everyone has been wondering who Jenner would be dating next. Perhaps this latest post has given us an answer to the mystery.

Kylie Jenner is living her best life while visiting Paris, France, apparently. The 23-year-old makeup mogul recently posted a series of photos while on vacation in the City of Love. Naturally, Jenner found a beautiful backdrop for the photos.

The seasoned social media star also made sure to put photos of herself posing with family friend Fai Khadra as the last two images in the slideshow, making sure fans get a good look at her outfit, which was a top. short that hugged the curve and an equally skinny pair of black jeans.

He and Jenner are huddled on the rooftop overlooking the picturesque Paris skyline and they look a little more than friends. We know they’ve dated platonically in the past, and Jenner wore it as his plus one to Diddy’s Christmas party last year.

We might be reading a bit, but something about the vibe makes us think that something might be gearing up for Jenner’s love life. It seems like that kind of thing tends to happen in Paris.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott don’t want to go back

Fans have wondered about the status of Jenner’s relationship since she and Travis Scott, the father of her daughter, Stormi, broke up last fall. The two have stuck together and are committed to raising their daughter together.

Although rumors about the nature of the ex’s relationship have occasionally surfaced in recent months, both Scott and Jenner have largely ignored them.

Despite having a seemingly romantic dinner a few months ago, sources close to the former couple have emphasized that neither of them are particularly interested in giving the relationship another chance.

A source told People in June: “Kylie and Travis get along. They enjoy being with the same people. And they obviously spend a lot of time together with Stormi,” adding: “Co-parenting seems to work better for them than being in a romantic relationship “.

Since things are definitely over with Scott, that leaves Jenner free and clear to go after anyone her heart desires, including the super hot guy on top of her in the Paris photos. Do Kylie and Fai make a nice relationship? Do you think Travis has already found a new partner?

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