Kylie Jenner shares Another look at Herself and son Travis Scott in a Mother’s Day Video


Her day! After Mother’s Day weekend, Kylie Jenner shared some of her favorite memories of her second pregnancy.

“Every day should be Mother’s Day 🤍 🙏🏼 thank you, Lord, for my two beautiful blessings,” 24-year-old Jenner signed a video on Instagram on Monday, May 9. In the clip, you can see her ultrasound, pregnancy and quality moments with her newborn son. and Stormy’s eldest daughter, 4, whom she shares with Travis Scott.

The reality star turned on behind-the-scenes footage from her pregnancy photo shoot before showing her son’s hand in hers. Jenner welcomed her baby boy with the 31-year-old rapper in February.

Over the weekend, the beauty mogul took to social media to document the celebration of Mother’s Day with her loved ones. “The sweetest Mother’s Day,” Jenner wrote along with a picture of her and Stormy on Sunday, May 8. She later reflected on her parenting experience, writing via Instagram: “Being a young mom means we met a little earlier and I will love you a little more.”

After her son’s arrival earlier this year, the California native announced that she and Scott had named him Wolf. However, the couple changed their minds about the nickname. “For your information, our son’s name is no longer Wolf,” Jenner wrote in an Instagram Story in March. “We just didn’t feel like it was him. I just wanted to share, because I see a Wolf everywhere all the time.”

Although the couple has not yet revealed the baby’s official name, Jenner has used social media to talk about her postpartum issues.

“I just want to tell my postpartum moms that the postpartum period was not easy,” the Kylie Life graduate explained via Instagram in March. “It’s very hard. It’s not easy, mentally, physically, spiritually, it’s just crazy. I didn’t want to just go back to life without saying it, because… for other moms who are going through this right now, I think we can go online and it might seem a lot easier to other people and put pressure on us, but it wasn’t easy for me either.”

She added: “It was hard. I didn’t even think I’d live to see this workout today, but I’m here and I feel better. …I realized that I was putting some pressure on myself, and I just keep reminding myself that I have made a whole person, a beautiful healthy boy. We have to stop putting pressure on ourselves to come back, even physically, only mentally, after birth.”