Kylie Jenner shared a new photo of her son and son Travis Scott, although his name remains a secret


Just a peek. Kylie Jenner showed another photo of her son Travis Scott, but hid his face.

The 24-year-old founder of Kylie Cosmetics posted a photo in her Instagram story on Sunday, April 17. In the picture, 30-year-old Scott holds their son in his arms. His tattooed arm was shown holding a little boy. The child was wearing tiny black and red sneakers with denim pants. Meanwhile, the rapper was wearing jeans with bright patches, a blue plaid shirt and several diamond rings.

The family celebrated Easter with their 4-year-old daughter Stormy and the rest of Kris Jenner’s extended family. Kylie bought all the little girls their own chewing gum machines (personalized with their names), pink bicycles were waiting for many children, and Chris, 66, prepared Easter baskets for everyone, even for her adult children. Scott announced via social media that his daughter and daughter Kylie were given a basket with a lot of new dolls.

The first photo of Kylie’s son was published a few days after his birth. The Kardashian star announced her arrival by sharing a snap of Stormy holding the newborn’s hand, writing: “2/2/22.”

Jenner shared a second look at her little boy in March when she showed the baby’s bare feet resting on her stomach in a black and white snap.

The makeup mogul has yet to reveal her son’s face or reveal his name. Although his birth certificate originally listed the nickname Wolf Jacques Webster, in March they announced that they had decided to change their name.

“For your information, our son’s name is no longer Wolf,” they wrote in a statement in their Instagram stories on March 21. “We just didn’t feel like it was him.”

Later, the native of California said that the name has not yet been announced and has not been legally changed, because she wants to make sure that it suits her child.

“We haven’t officially changed it,” Jenner told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month. “Before I officially change it, I want to make sure. …The wolf was never on our list. Khloe [Kardashian] just suggested it. I liked the name. There’s nothing against the Wolf, it just wasn’t him.