Kylie Jenner sets the internet on fire in her underwear!


Another faultless for Kylie Jenner! Via her Instagram story, the influencer immortalized herself with an alluring lingerie.

Kylie Jenner just set her Instagram account on fire! The cause ? The star struck a pose with ultra sexy lingerie that looks great on her. You’ll see, the influencer is stunning.

To date, Kylie Jenner is one of the most inspiring business women of her generation. Powered by “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, the incendiary brunette has subsequently launched various brands.

Like “Kylie Cosmetics”. But also “Kylie Skin”. And according to the latest news, his business is doing pretty well.

A born boss, Kylie Jenner never runs out of ideas for innovating all of her ranges. In any case, his efforts are paying off.

Over the years, her entire community continues to love all of her products. Like her other sisters, Stormi’s mom is also very business savvy.

This Friday, January 8, the star has decided to give a nice publicity stunt to her half-sister Kim Kardashian. And to do so, she grabbed her Instagram account again. The proof in pictures!


Via her story, Kylie Jenner simply immortalized herself with an incredible black bra! In front of her mirror, the star went through the poses while proudly bulging her chest.

A true marketer, North’s aunt didn’t forget to mention that this is a piece from Kim’s SKIMS brand. It’s a safe bet that Kylie Jenner’s videos have certainly had their little effect on the Web.

Every time the star posts something, all Internet users are on the lookout. It must be said that a lot of his posts are just as sensational. We love it and you ?!

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